Bake ::Biscuits:: With Me

Biscuits are just about as southern as it gets.  They’re the more plump, less put-together version of the often fruit-laden scone, and quite frankly, I think the extra butter and lack of dried fruit makes the biscuit a much friendlier version of its British cousin.  It’s kind of like being given the chance to spend […]

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Bake ::Doughnuts:: With Me

I haven’t always loved doughnuts.  In fact, I really have more of a preference for salty and savory things like chips and burritos.  BUT when I moved to London my junior year of college, I found a tiny doughnut cart among all one million vendors at Camden Market, and the game officially changed.  The deal […]

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Bake With Me: Please?

I’m not a food writer.  I double-majored in English and Religion, so I definitely wrote a lot throughout college, but it was always about books or theology.  I understand books and theology, though, so those things are easy to write about.  The only background I have writing in food is what I’ve written for this […]

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Le Barricou \\ East Williamsburg NYC, NY

WHO: #melmunch WHAT: Eggs Benedict WHERE: Le Barricou – East Williamsburg- NY,NY ( WHEN: brunch-time Brunch means indulgence, fiscally and calorically. Brunch means socially acceptable day-drinking. Brunch means “would you like steak with your biscuit and a side of 1 acre’s worth of fried potatoes?” So it comes as no surprise that NYC, a metropolis that relishes indulgence of […]

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